Web only: Standing in the place where I work

Mar 26, 2012

Today, the Boston Globe reported on the growing trend of employees abandoning their chairs and standing up at their workstations. It's become a pretty popular topic since we first started talking about it nearly a year ago, and a popular topic around these parts, too, in no small part because I am still the only standing employee in my workspace. The good news? No one makes fun of me anymore...which just goes to show, people can get used to just about anything, even a super-short producer towering over them.

A few weeks ago, I spoke to Jane Payfer at Ergotron, the company that makes the swanky standing desk I'm using here at NHPR. I asked her about what's holding companies back from buying standing desks en masse, giving the growing evidence of their benefits, and whether there are any companies out there who've committed to the switch altogether.