Warm Patch Forces Tamworth Sled Dog Race Cancellation | New Hampshire Public Radio

Warm Patch Forces Tamworth Sled Dog Race Cancellation

Feb 25, 2020

The start of the 2019 dog sled race on Lake Chocorua, with Mount Chocorua in the distance.
Credit Jason Moon / NHPR

Organizers are canceling a long-standing sled dog race in the North Country due to poor weather conditions.

Kit Morgan is on the board of the Tamworth Outing Club, which holds the annual race on Lake Chocorua.

He says there's too much water and thin ice on top of the lake for mushers to get through safely.

The race has been canceled nearly every year in recent memory, Morgan says. The exception was last year, when, the race was rescheduled at the last minute.

"I think it's certainly happening more often than it did years and years ago. I mean they had - it began back in the 30s, and I'm sure they didn't have to cancel it very often."

Morgan says his group may start considering moving the race to a new location to help keep the tradition going as winters get warmer.