Vows over Gay Marriage

Mar 9, 2012

On June 3, 2009, Governor John Lynch signed a law that allowed gay marriage in the Granite State. A little less than 7 months later, the first wedding ceremonies began to be performed.  At the time, New Hampshire made history as the first state to pass a same-sex union bill without a court order or the threat of one.  But before the first "I do" was uttered, some groups and lawmakers vowed to pass legislation overturning the law.  Last year, bills were tabled to focus on the budget, but now this year several pieces of legislation are on the table and money on both sides of this interest is pouring in.  If passed, New Hampshire would make history again by being the first state whose legislature reversed its own gay marriage law.  Today on the Exchange we revisit the gay marriage debate.    


David Pierce: Democratic state representative from Etna.

David Bates: Republican state representative from Windham and sponsor of the bill that would repeal same sex marriage.