US Air Force Can't Commit To Treating Wells More Aggressively

Aug 27, 2015

Credit File Photo

Representatives of the US Air Force Wednesday tried to sooth anxious residents who were exposed to contaminated water on the former Pease Air Force Base.

Fifty residents and a 10-member community advisory made clear their demands for ongoing health monitoring. They asked the Air Force to repay the city of Portsmouth for extra water costs and to treat nearby wells more aggressively than planned.

For the most part, the four representatives of the Air Force  said: we hear you, but we can’t commit.

Last week, the Air Force announced it is complying with the Environmental Protection Agency’s July order to treat the contaminated well and intercept contaminants. 

And one promise was made, Wednesday in Portsmouth: The Air Force will re-establish a Restoration Advisory Board for Pease – and communicate more frequently with the community.