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Update: Missing Exotic Cat Named 'Spartacus' Found in Merrimack

Sep 11, 2020

In addition to weighing 40 lbs and having two long ears, Spartacus the serval also apparently enjoys a good cup of coffee.
Credit Merrimack Police Department

Update: Merrimack Police announced Saturday the cat was trapped near its owner's home, and reunited with the owner. An earlier story from Friday continues below here.

Authorities in Merrimack are still searching for a wild cat that ran away from its owner earlier this week.

The cat, named Spartacus, is a serval, a species native to Africa.  Spartacus is tawny with dark spots, has long ears, and weighs roughly 40 pounds. The pet's owner says Spartacus escaped through the front door on Wednesday night.

Merrimack’s animal control officer, Haylie Gulino, says because she has never seen a case like this before, she and her fellow officers weren’t sure what to look for.

“They had no idea; I had to show them a picture of what they normally look like,” Gulino said. “So, like I said, this was uncharted territory. It was out of the norm for most people here.”

While officials say the cat is not a danger to others, they warn against touching or trapping it.

Officials say the cat is legally owned. The family adopted the cat four years ago from a Florida zoo and this is the first time it has gone missing

(Editor's Note: This post was updated Saturday with news that the cat was found and returned to its owner.)