UNH Study Highlights Colleges' Understanding Of Sexual Assault Reporting Rules

Aug 13, 2018

The University of New Hampshire at Durham.
Credit UNH

A new UNH study looked at how well college personnel understand sexual assault and rape reporting regulations.

Researchers called Title IX offices, which oversee gender equality issues, and campus police at more than one hundred and fifty colleges around the country.

They found that most personnel knew resources students could turn to, and who's required to report Title IX violations, and that most refuted myths around rape.

Katie Edwards is a psychology professor at UNH. She says just one third of the colleges called actually picked up.    

"We want to make sure students have the ability to access this information, especially survivors, who might not feel comfortable walking into a police office or going to Title IX office," Edwards said.

As for what this study means for policy changes, Edwards recommended more education around which employees are, or aren't confidential resources to students...and figuring out ways to increase schools' willingness to answer students' questions over the phone.