UNH Law to Launch Program Focused on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Oct 10, 2018

The University of New Hampshire School of Law says it will launch a first-of-its-kind certificate program on blockchain and cryptocurrency.


UNH Law Professor Tonya Evans developed the program. She's a self-professed blockchain enthusiast in her spare time and says she appreciates efforts from businesses in the Portsmouth area to bring bitcoin transactions into the mainstream.


But Evans says there's also a lot of uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies, including their volatility and possible government regulation.


"And so it's a prime time for the law school to setup and help make sense of some of the legal issues that are triggered and implicated by this very disruptive technology that really is here to stay," Evans says.


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The law school believes the certificate will be useful for lawyers, but also regulators who want to get more familiar with blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies.


The "Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Law Certificate" program will be available early 2019.