UNH Economics Professor Appointed Chancellor of Community Colleges

Dec 12, 2011


The New Hampshire Community College System has appointed Economist Ross Gittell as its new Chancellor.

The new chancellor is already a heavy-hitter in policy circles.

Gittell’s nineteen-year career at the Whittemore school of Business has followed an impressive arc.

He has won numerous awards and fellowships, and is considered one of the foremost experts on the New Hampshire economy

Gittell hopes to use that pedigree to make sure that the Community College system is staying relevant.

Gittell: One thing that is very important is to link more closely industry and business with our community college system to ensure that the workers coming out of our system are ready to go.

Gittell says one of the reasons he took the job is deal with the challenges posed by recent budget cuts.

He will assume his new role in February.