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An Uncertain Future for N.H. Moose

Oct 19, 2018

We examine the plight of Northern New England Moose. Researchers in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont have just concluded an extensive, multi-year study on these beloved mammals, and the results are alarming.  We'll dig into their findings and ask what the future might hold. 


  • Dan Bergeron -  Deer Project Leader for NH Fish & Game.
  • Pete Pekins  -  UNH Professor of Wildlife Ecology and chair of the Department of Natural Resources; one of the co-authors of a recently-published study of moose in New England and the effect of winter ticks.

Known as “ghost moose,” this adult moose illustrates typical hair loss associated with high loads of winter ticks. The increased frequency of winter ticks in northern New England is linked to climate change in the form of longer autumns with later snow that lengthens the winter tick season.Credit Dan Bergeron, N.H. Fish and Game Dept.Edit | Remove