'Unbelievable' Turnover Leaves Carroll County With Shortage Of Prosecutors

Aug 7, 2015

Five Carroll County prosecutors have quit over the past four months, delaying some trials and forcing the state attorney general's office to send in reinforcements.

Deputy Attorney General Ann Rice says the Carroll County Attorney's office usually has three full-time prosecutors besides County Attorney Tom Dewhurst.

Rice says the turnover is "unbelievable." Her office sent one assistant attorney general to Carroll County in March and added a second after two assistant county prosecutors opted to leave in the past three weeks.

Dewhurst says the market for prosecutors is very competitive and commute time is an issue.

Rice says the salary scale — $46,000 to the upper $50,000 range — is relatively low.

The county is also facing a $2 million shortfall in its $28.7 million budget.