Tugboat Pilot Sparks Debate Over Viability Of Portsmouth-Cape Cod Ferry

Aug 28, 2015

A ferry departing Provincetown on Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Credit Courtesy Photo

A proposal to launch a high-speed ferry service from Portsmouth to Cape Cod has ignited a debate.

The Portsmouth Herald reports tugboat pilot Chris Holt raised concerns about the plan Thursday at a Pease Development Authority Port Committee meeting. He says a ferry has been tried before at the Port of New Hampshire and it "didn't fly." He also questioned how the ferry would operate in and out of the port due to the strong Piscataqua River current.

Promote Our Port president Bob Hassold says he used to be a tugboat pilot and that the ferry could easily navigate the river.

Pease Development Authority officials agreed to put the proposal on the agenda of their next board of directors' meeting on Oct. 15.