Trump Tries to Shift Focus to Opioid Crisis at Portsmouth Rally

Oct 15, 2016

After a week of repeatedly denouncing allegations of sexual assault, Donald Trump again did so at an outdoor rally in Portsmouth on Saturday.  

But he also tried to turn the focus to the state’s opioid epidemic. 

In front of a crowd of nearly 2000 supporters, and with protesters nearby, Donald Trump denounced the media for fabricating women’s stories of unwanted sexual advances. 

And to cheers and shouts of support from the crowd, he said the election is rigged against him and he claimed Hillary Clinton could have been on drugs during the last debate.

More than 2,000 people attended Donald Trump's rally in Portsmouth on Saturday.

But then he deliberately shifted from such campaign rhetoric to a more personal issue for New Hampshire — the ongoing opioid crisis.  And he laid out more specifics. 

He would open up more drug courts that focus on rehabilitation, increase the number of patients doctors can treat and limit the number of opioids they can prescribe.

“When I won the Primary I promised the people of New Hampshire that I would stop drugs from pouring into your community, remember that one, I’m going to do it, I’m not a politician – I’m going to do it," he told the roaring crowd.

This was Trump’s sixth visit to the state in the past two months.  Trump won the Republican Primary in New Hampshire by a landslide. But the presidential election in November is expected to be close.