Trump Tells Supporters To Vote "No Matter What"

Feb 9, 2016

Donald Trump dwells on his skill as a deal maker, and last night he worked hard to secure commitments from the several thousand voters who braved a snowy night to hear his final pre-primary speech at the Verizon Center. Trump told them they had no choice.

“You are close to death, your doctor tells you its not working. Your wife is disgusted with you, she said, I'm leaving. No matter what. She says, darling  I love you but I've fallen in love with another man. I don’t give a damn, you got to get out and vote, right? Right? You gotta get out to vote.”

Trump called the rally, which featured his wife and children the "last lovefest" before primary day, but Trump showed little love to his fellow candidates, telling the crowd that Marco Rubio “sweated like a dog” in the final GOP debate. Trump also repeated an audience member’s vulgar insult of Texas Senator Ted Cruz.