Treat Yourself To Our Favorite Surprise Videos

Apr 9, 2015

Credit Michelle Tribe /

During Virginia's interview with surprisologist Tania Luna [Surprise: Embrace The Unpredictable and Engineer The Unexpected], Tania mentioned googling "animals being surprised" as a great way to see the power and humor of the unexpected. We were not disappointed with the results. But we also looked into the other kinds of surprises that humans experience. The responses vary from just being startled, to laughing or even crying with joy. Chances are, even if you're just watching other people being surprised, you'll feel a bit of joy yourself.

There's just something about animals getting surprised that makes us laugh.

There's also the delightful surprise that can make you laugh or cry with joy:

If you don't want to watch the whole set-up, the look of surprise comes in at around 1:48.

Maybe the surprise isn't shocking, but it might make you crack a smile during the monotony of a day

A surprise can also take you outside of yourself, even if it’s just for a second.

What’s the best surprise you’ve ever received? When was the last time you surprised someone?