Transgender Bill Awaiting Sununu's Signature Celebrated At Concord Pride Event

Jun 4, 2018

Members of New Hampshire's LGBTQ community kicked off Pride month in style Saturday. There were colorful costumes, musical performances, and drag queens on the State House lawn.

But this year, attendees had something extra to celebrate. A bill, passed by the Legislature earlier this spring, will include gender identity in New Hampshire's civil rights laws.

Governor Chris Sununu has said he'll sign it. When he does, transgender residents will be legally protected against discrimination.

Chloe LaCasse, a trans woman who lives in Concord, says that bill is only a first step, but it's a powerful one.  "When your government stands behind you as a minority group, that speaks volumes. And it reaches all corners of the state. So now it's our job as trans folks, young and old, to live authentically and just be ourselves," she said.

Saturday's event was the city's second annual Pride celebration.