On The Trail With Steve Bullock: 'This Isn't Running To the Middle'

Jun 18, 2019

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock was one of the last Democrats to enter the presidential race. He says his resume, that of a Democrat able to win in a state won by Donald Trump in 2016, should be a key item for voters to consider.

"When you look at a field of 24, I'm the only one that won a Trump state," he tells the NPR Politics Podcast, in an episode produced in collaboration with Iowa Public Radio and New Hampshire Public Radio.

This interview was conducted by NPR's Scott Detrow and Iowa Public Radio's Kate Payne.

Bullock says he has a proven progressive record, including on LGBTQ rights.

"This isn't running to the middle, I think I've been sort of in the lane of get things done that matter to people along the way - their lives. Sometimes that's real progressive, sometimes it might be more conservative, because I've also had to balance budgets along the way."

Bullock was unable to meet the criteria to be in the first televised debate in June.