On The Trail With Amy Klobuchar: Judicial Nominees Deserve Vetting Before Picks Named

Jul 15, 2019

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a former prosecutor, says she will not release a draft list of prospective judges whom she would nominate, if elected President.

"I think that you interview people, you make decisions -- you can't do that as a candidate," she said. "You can't vet them like you should. As a candidate you don't have the FBI."

Klobuchar discussed judicial nominations with the NPR Politics Podcast and New Hampshire Public Radio between campaign appearances in Lancaster, N.H.

This interview was conducted by NPR's Tamara Keith and NHPR's Josh Rogers. 

When President Trump was a candidate in 2016, he released a list of judges from which he would choose nominees. As 2020 approaches, both conservative and progressive groups have called on candidates to disclose names of possible judges to nominate to the nation's high court.