Town Meeting: Expanded Veterans Tax Credit Up For Vote In Many Communities

Mar 10, 2017

Voters in many New Hampshire communities will decide during next Tuesday’s Town Meeting whether to expand a property tax credit offered to veterans.

A state law passed last year gives communities the option of offering a tax credit of up to five hundred dollars to all veterans with at least ninety days of active service.

Previously, only veterans who served during wartime were eligible.

Margaret Byrnes is a staff attorney with the New Hampshire Municipal Association, and says expanding the tax credit would mean a drop in revenue for town budgets.

“What I’m hearing from a lot of selectmen and governing bodies though is they feel like this is a question the voters adopt, so they want to put that question to the voters and give them the opportunity to say yes, we want to adopt this, we want to extend this, or this doesn’t work for our community.”

Hudson, Epping, Salem and Windham are among the many towns where this question will appear on the warrant at next week’s Town Meeting.

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