Three New Hampshire Companies To Take Part In Dubai Air Show

Nov 2, 2015

Credit the_dead_pixel via Flickr/CC -

State officials and representatives of three New Hampshire companies will head to the United Arab Emirates this month for an industry trade show.

The Dubai Air Show runs from November 8-12.

The 1,110 exhibitors will include AQYR of Hollis, HALO Maritime Defense Systems of Newton and Transupport of Merrimack.

The goal is to introduce these firms to potential clients, but Tina Kasim of the New Hampshire Office of International Commerce says it will take time before those contacts lead to sales.

"The business cycle with aerospace and defense is usually a pretty long cycle, especially when you’re working with different governments," Kasim says. "This is a good time to start that business cycle and hopefully turn it into some really strong sales for New Hampshire businesses."

Funding for the trip comes from a State Trade Export Promotion grant.