TB Scare At Concord Elementary School

Mar 23, 2012

Public health officials have confirmed a case of tuberculosis at Dane Elementary School.

Director of Public Health, Dr. Jose Montero, says the infected child, a kindergarten student, likely contracted the illness from an adult who was exposed to the dangerous bacteria abroad. Most TB is treatable and is spread through the air. Montero says the adult was treated effectively.

Health investigators were at the school Friday to investigate whether others may have been exposed. Montero says it is unlikely others were exposed because he says the child who tested positive had low levels of the bacteria in his blood.

"Certainly, there is no chance that we are going to have a mass testing situation here and certainly the school does not need to be closed or quarantined, or other kids pulled out of the school. That will be unnecessary," he says.

Montero planned to meet with parents Friday evening to discuss whether anyone else will need to be tested.