Syrian Refugee Crisis: N.H. Reacts

Sep 15, 2015

As migrants from Syria and other countries pour into Europe, President Obama says the United States will take ten thousand. And so Americans are watching and considering our own capacity to take in refugees, and other ways to address the root problems that are driving so many people out their home countries.


  • Nadia Alawa – founder and president of NuDay Syria, a local nonprofit that focuses on empowerment and help with dignity to Syria's mothers and children. She is Syrian-American with Danish roots.
  • Anita Fabos - Associate Professor of International Development and Social Change at Clark University. Her research is focused on refugees and forced migrants, especially in the Middle East and Africa.  
  • Amy Marchildon - director of services for new Americans for Ascentria Care Alliance in Concord.


  • Pat Long - Democratic Alderman from Mancheser