A Surge For Solar Power?

Dec 9, 2013

This sun-fueled source is one of the fastest growing types of renewables in the country.  Although still a tiny piece of the energy portfolio, many are taking note of this expansion, including traditional utilities.  We’re looking at these brightening prospects for solar in New Hampshire and New England and the challenges that might cloud its future growth.

Credit mhsorens / Flickr Creative Commons


  • Clay Mitchell – directing partner at Revolution Energy Company, based in Portsmouth. He holds a doctorate in Natural Resources and Environmental Science from UNH and is a graduate of Vermont Law School with a JD and a Masters in Environmental Law.
  • Jack Ruderman – director of the Sustainable Energy Division at the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commision.
  • Ken Wells – editor-at-large and senior writer for Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Business Week. He covers the energy industry.