Sununu's Drug Comments Rile Manchester Police Chief

Jun 8, 2016

After filing to run for Governor, Executive Councilor Chris Sununu told reporters it would be "crazy" to think the state can solve the opioid crisis without spending more money to boost treatment options and increase anti-drug education in schools.

But more than money, Sununu said, New Hampshire needs leadership.

"This is an absolute crisis across the state, and we have had no leadership in Concord and no leadership at the local level. We need a completely different mindset to tackle this and take it head-on. There's not going to be a golden answer out of Concord, but you need leadership to change the culture."

Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard took to Twitter to criticize Sununu's comments, describing them as "idiotic."

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, who is  also running for Governor, called Sununu's comments unfortunate, and asked his fellow republican to retract his statement and apologize "to the police officers, fire fighters and members of the recovery community who are saving lives and getting results.”