Sununu Won't Judge Kavanaugh By His Testimony, As Kelly Calls For Sununu To Rescind His Support

Oct 3, 2018

Democrat Molly Kelly and Gov. Chris Sununu, R-Newfields.
Credit NHPR Photo

Governor Chris Sununu says he can't judge Brett Kavanaugh's judicial temperament based on Kavanaugh's testimony before the U.S. Senate. 

Sununu signed a letter supporting Kavanaugh's nomination shortly after it was announced. Molly Kelly, his Democratic challenger, was deadset against Kavanaugh from the start. During a visit to a Concord health Clinic, Kelly said that adding Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court puts abortion rights at risk, and Sununu knows it.

"I am asking Chris Sununu, if that you say you stand with women, and that you are there for choice that you need to rescind your support. What he has offered is not enough."

Sununu has said it's right for the FBI to evaluate allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh, but he also says he thinks Kavanaugh has been ill-treated by the confirmation process.

"I mean this man's life is changed forever, one way or the other, and so that's going to be an emotional situation, and I don't think we should judge his temperament, on the circus he's been put through."

The FBI is expected to finish its review of the allegations against Kavanaugh as soon as today. A vote by the full Senate is expected this week.