Sununu Tells Agencies To Justify Regulations Or Get Rid Of Them

Jan 6, 2017

When he ran for governor Chris Sununu described NH as "a regulatory police state."

This 90-day review, which is Sununu's first policy move since taking office, is aimed at easing mandates across government.

For a regulation to survive,  Sununu wrote, department heads should be able to show that there is a clear need for it; that it is best addressed by the agency; that its cost does not exceed its benefit and that its effectiveness can be measured.

When that review is complete, Sununu says agencies should act immediately to repeal of suspend adoption of all current or proposed regulation not mandated by law or essential to public health safety or welfare.

Sununu says the outcome of the 90-day review will determine the need for what he termed further executive of legislative action.