Sununu Strolls Hampton Beach, Ranks It Higher Than Jersey Shore

Jul 6, 2017

Governor Chris Sununu spent Thursday morning at Hampton Beach. He toured local businesses and touted the area as a successful collaboration between public and private interests.

The Governor, flanked by members of the Hampton Chamber of Commerce, strolled down Ocean Boulevard...

“Enjoying the beach?”

Through the kitchens of local restaurants...

“Hey gang, how are you?

And into at least one candy store...

“Hey Pete I got us some fudge for the ride home!”

Along the way, Sununu held up Hampton Beach as an example of a successful public-private partnership. He used a nearby state’s beaches for comparison.

“I would put Hampton Beach above any New Jersey beach any time of the day. You come here for five minutes and that story speaks for itself. Especially when they’re open. We don’t have to worry about that problem here.”

In 2015, the Hampton Beach State Park raised more than two million dollars in parking fees. Much of that money goes to support the rest of the state’s park system.