Sununu Softens Tone On Dartmouth-Hitchcock After Contract Dispute | New Hampshire Public Radio

Sununu Softens Tone On Dartmouth-Hitchcock After Contract Dispute

May 25, 2017

Governor Chris Sununu thinks the state and Dartmouth-Hitchcock have cleared the air over their dispute about mental health staffing at New Hampshire hospital.

That was Sununu's take after a meeting Wednesday with Dartmouth-Hitchcock CEO Jim Weinstein.

Last month Sununu forced NH hospital CEO Bob MacLeod to resign over concerns Dartmouth wasn't meeting the terms of is $36 million dollar contract to staff the hospital.

Sununu said Dartmouth couldn't be trusted and threatened legal action. These days, his tone is much softer, and he says meeting face to face with Weinstein was productive.

"I think it was just a great opportunity to clear the air a little bit over what has kind of transpired over the last nine months, and just make forward we are really moving together in a really constructive way."

In a statement, Jim Weinstein called the meeting, "a productive discussion regarding the misconceptions about Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s contract."

Lawyers from Dartmouth and the Attorney General's office have also met. Executive councilor Andru Volinsky, who called for an independent review of care at New Hampshire Hospital in the wake of Bob MacLeod's resignation, said he expects an update on the state's plan to execute that review at the next council meeting.