Sununu Sends Letter Of Opposition Over GOP Health Care Bill

Jun 27, 2017

The letterhead for Governor Sununu's letter to GOP leaders over the new health care bill. Click the link in the story to read the full text

Governor Chris Sununu says he remains committed to reforming Obamacare but opposes the plan proposed by Senate Republican leaders.

The governor's opposition comes as the Senate's top Republican says he is pushing off a scheduled vote on the Senate's version of the bill.

In a letter to the top Republican and Democrat in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, Sununu says the current version of the Senate GOP bill goes beyond addressing what Sununu called Obamacare's flaws. (Read Sununu's letter here.)

Key among Sununu's complaints is that the bill would limit funding for New Hampshire's Medicaid program.

Sununu pegs the loss to the state at $1.4 billion dollars over the next decade.

Sununu also noted that in 2021 alone, New Hampshire would stand to lose about $20 million in funding for expanded Medicaid, a program that covers 51,000 people, and, according to Sununu, has helped 23,000 people secure treatment for substance use issues.