Sununu, Republicans Praise Edelblut's Experience As Democrats Question It

Jan 18, 2017

After losing the Republican gubernatorial primary, Frank Edelblut stumped at the statehouse on behalf of now-Governor Chris Sununu in October
Credit Todd Bookman for NHPR

Frank Edelblut is a staunch school choice advocate who homeschooled his seven children. Governor Sununu says Edeblut's experiences, which include no professional work in education, make him a good pick for education commissioner.

"It's an opportunity. That's the kind of opportunity the state needs,  someone who has taken a different path, who knows the values, the pros and cons of alternative education, right?"

Republicans on the executive council greeted Edelblut's nomination warmly; Democrats warily.

“It’s called the chief state school officer."

Andru Volinsky represents the second council district. He was also lead attorney in the Claremont school funding lawsuit.

"Why would someone who fundamentally doesn't believe in public education want to be responsible for meeting all the needs for the people who rely on public ed in this state? It doesn't make sense." 

The next step for Edelblut will be public hearing. After that he'll need to win majority support from the republican controlled council, which is likely.