Sununu Predicts He Will Veto Democrats' 'Really Dumb Ideas'

Mar 6, 2019

Credit josh rogers / nhpr

Back in January, when he was inaugurated, Governor Sununu urged all in Concord to embrace "a spirit of cooperation."

(Click here for NHPR's coverage and the text of Sununu's inaugural address.)

In a speech hosted by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce at St. Anselm College, Sununu struck a far sharper tone, calling some ideas being pushed by Democrats in Concord as "wacky."

"I've got a lot of red pens, I'm going to veto a lot of stuff. I can't wait for that income tax to hit my desk. I'll veto it three times over, and then maybe four, just to make the point."

By income tax, Sununu appeared to be referring to the Democratic plan for paid family leave, which relies on payroll deductions.

"You've got to say no sometimes, and Ill be a little harsh, You've got to shut stupid at the door, right? You do. When bad - when really dumb ideas are out there you've got to just hammer it down and say, 'What are you talking about? Absolutely not.'"

That paid family leave bill does appear to be headed for Sununu's desk. It cleared the state Senate along party lines last month, and was endorsed by a house committee this week.