Sununu Denies Offering DES Nominee a Private Sector Position

Apr 13, 2017

Gov. Chris Sununu is getting some heat over a surprising statement one of his nominees made this week. 

During a public confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Governor Sununu’s nominee for Commissioner of the state’s Department of Environmental Services, Peter Kujawski, said the governor had offered him his choice of positions in state government.

“Not only that, the governor unselfishly offered me a position as VP of a company that’s moving to New Hampshire," Kujawksi said at the hearing.

On Thursday, Sununu denied he’d made any such offering, which would be a potential misuse of his position.

“We talked a little bit about what interest he would have in the private sector, whether he was going to go that route or if I could entice him into the public sector. But obviously there was never anything offered in the private sector, that doesn’t make any sense," Sununu told NHPR. Kujawski’s post could be put to a vote as soon as next week, but no date has been set.