Sununu Defends Inaugural Committee, But Says He's Open To More Disclosure In Future

Dec 20, 2018

Gov. Chris Sununu during a 2018 gubernatorial forum.
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Governor Chris Sununu is defending payouts from his inaugural fundraising committee to family members and staff. But the governor also says he'd welcome tighter standards on inaugural committees.

In the wake of his first election in 2016, Sununu's inaugural committee raised $450,000, much of it from corporations and lobbyists. It also paid out about $165,000 to people with close ties to the governor, including members of his family and administration.

Speaking on NHPR's The Exchange today, Sununu said the payments amount to fair compensation for services or reimbursements.

"We follow the letter of the law to a T, without a doubt. If the legislature wants to change the law, and require more disclosure, that's fine, we'll follow the letter of the law however they want to do it."

Sununu is the first New Hampshire governor required to report inaugural committee fundraising and spending.