Sununu Asks For Offshore Wind Studies Ahead Of Regional Task Force Meeting

Dec 4, 2019


The state has begun preparing for potential offshore wind development in the Gulf of Maine.

Governor Chris Sununu issued an executive order Tuesday calling for two studies on the issue, due by January 2021. They'll look at how offshore wind could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New Hampshire, and at how existing port infrastructure could benefit.

The order also sets up four advisory boards related to wind – focused on environmental impacts, economic development, existing offshore industries and infrastructure.

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The legislature will consider similar measures and more funding for wind-related work next session.

Sununu’s new advisory boards will work alongside a federal, regional task force on wind in the Gulf of Maine, which also includes Maine, Massachusetts and area tribes.

New Hampshire will host the first public meeting of the group next week at UNH.

Officials say turbine development off the Gulf of Maine could happen within a decade, if their plans succeed.