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Sunapee Boat Access Commission Homing in on Options at State Park

Jan 11, 2018

Members of the Governor's Commission tasked with studying boat access on Lake Sunapee toured Mount Sunapee State Park beach in November.
Credit Britta Greene / New Hampshire Public Radio

Long-running efforts to expand public boat access on Lake Sunapee may be headed in a new direction.

Officials with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department had been working for decades to build a new public boat launch on a piece of land known as the Wild Goose Site when Governor Chris Sununu abruptly pulled the plug on the plan last summer.

He then launched a new commission to once again study ways to allow more boats on the lake. There's strong opinions on both sides of the issue, but Neil Levesque, chair of the governor's commission, now says he's turned his attention to Mount Sunapee State Park Beach as the most viable option to expand public access. 

The state park is just down the road from the wild goose property. The commission toured both sites in November. 

Levesque and other commission members questioned the State Parks and Recreation Director Phil Bryce about boat access Thursday morning.

The commission will meet again Friday and prepare a report for the Governor by March.