Study: Urban Schools in N.H. Suspend, Expel Students More Often

Mar 2, 2016

Students in New Hampshire’s urban school districts are more likely to be expelled or suspended than students from non-urban districts, according to a new study from the UNH Carsey School of Public Policy.

In the years the study examined, 2010-2014, students in urban districts were twice as likely to receive in-school suspension, three times as likely to receive out-of-school suspension, and four times as likely to be expelled. About 15 percent of middle and high schoolers in the state attend an urban school. All of New Hampshire's urban schools are in Hillsborough County.

Douglas Gagnon, a researcher at Carsey School and an author of the study, says the difference in rates between urban and rural schools is connected to other risk factors.

“If you are male, a student of color, low-income, had a disability, and attended an urban school you have a one-in-three chance of being either expelled or given five days or more of out of school suspension," Gagnon says.

The study also found that, in general, students in New Hampshire are expelled much less often than the national average.

See the full study below:

Exclusionary Discipline Highest in New Hampshire-s Urban Schools