The State of N.H. State Parks: From Pisgah to Hampton

Aug 9, 2016

New Hampshire now has almost one hundred of these natural areas, from wild places like Pisgah to the crowded sands of Hampton Beach. But their unique self-funding system has long been controversial.  Still, last year, the parks had a banner year,  and this year also seems on target.  We'll look at the health of our state parks and ideas for innovation.

TOP STATE-PARK PICKS OF EXCHANGE LISTENERS: Bear Brook, Cannon, Clough, Crawford Notch, Fox, Franconia, Jericho, Miller, Monadnock, Pawtuckaway, Pisgah, Rhododendron, Rollins, Umbagog, Wadleigh, Weeks, Wellington, Winslow.


Phil Bryce -  Director of the Division of Parks and Recreation. 

Jim O'Brien -  Director of External Affairs for The Nature Conservancy.

Nancy Stiles - Republican State Senator from Hampton and member of the State Park System Advisory Committee.