State Lawmakers Working To Solve State Retirement Budget Shortfall

Nov 3, 2015

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

A legislative committee is once again meeting to discuss changes to state retiree health benefits to close a $10.6 million shortfall.

It's an effort that's proved difficult as lawmakers and Gov. Maggie Hassan seek to close the hole without increasing premium costs for the state's roughly 12,000 retirees.

The state is already planning to raise prescription drug copays for retirees on Jan. 1. On Tuesday morning, they're set to discuss how to close the rest of the hole. Options include asking retirees over 65 to start paying premium contributions or taking money from the state's general fund.

The state's roughly 8,800 retirees over 65 pay no premium contributions. Those under 65 pay 12.5 percent.