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State GOP Chair Says Guinta Not Telling Truth

Jun 4, 2015

New Hampshire GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Support for Congressman Frank Guinta continues to fall, days after the release of two reports detailing federal investigations into his fundraising practices. New Hampshire Republican Chairwoman Jennifer Horn has now joined the chorus of prominent GOP leaders criticizing Guinta.

In a letter to the state Republican Committee today, first reported by, Horn told fellow committee members she is “deeply disappointed” by what she called “the obvious contradictions in the Congressman’s evolving explanation” of how $355,000 in checks written by his parents made their way into his campaign coffers in 2010.

Guinta has said he had a legal right to the money, which he claims came from deposits he made to his parents’ bank account over the years. The FEC, however, says the checks amount to illegal campaign gifts.

Numerous GOP leaders, including Sen. Kelly Ayotte, House Speaker Shawn Jasper and Senate President Chuck Morse, have called on Guinta to resign. But the state Republican Party’s executive committee declined to take action against Guinta at its most recent meeting. Horn’s letter indicates that may change.

“Regardless of where the truth lies, at least at some point, he has clearly been untruthful, and possibly, at every point,” she wrote.

While Horn said she spoke with Guinta after the release of the FEC documents, in which Guinta’s relatives contradicted his account of the disputed funds. And while Horn did not explicitly call for Guinta to step down, she wrote: “it is clear that his credibility has been irreparably damaged. I hope that Frank can recognize this and act accordingly.”

The state GOP is scheduled to meet on June 15.