State Gives Grants For Historical, Cultural, Land Conservation Projects

Dec 5, 2014

Peterborough Town House
Credit Via Wikimedia Commons

The state has handed out grants to 36 historic, cultural, and land conservation projects as part of its Land and Community Heritage Investment Program.

The grants range from about $7,500 to study Jones Hall in Marlow to $400,000 to permanently protect 1,114 acres in Epping.

This year's recipients include 26 historic properties from the 1764 Park Hill Meeting House in Westmoreland to the 1918 Peterborough Town House. There are also 10 natural resource projects providing permanent protection of almost 3,000 acres in all of the state's 10 counties.

Gov. Maggie Hassan's office says applicants are required to match each dollar in the grant but typically raise about $7 for every dollar won in a grant.

Seventeen projects could not be funded.