State DOT: Unclear Who Put Up Exotic Dancer Decal on Route 101 Sign

Sep 6, 2016

This decal of an exotic dancer appeared on a Route 101 sign for nearby attractions. State transportation officials say someone put up the decal, and it was quickly removed.
Credit Steve Duprey

State transportation officials say they're not sure who put up the decal of an exotic dancer on a Route 101 west highway sign promoting local attractions.

It's not clear how long it was up there, but state Department of Transportation spokesman Bill Boynton told the Union Leader it was taken down Sunday as soon as it was brought to the state's attention.

New Hampshire Republican National Committeeman Steve Duprey posted pictures of the decal on Facebook when he spotted it Sunday.

If a creative person did with stick ons, the state should hire him/her," Duprey wrote. "That said, I will bet there is no other federally/ state funded sign anywhere else in the United States like this one!"