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St. Paul's School Rector to Resign, Cites 'Painful Time' Amid Cases of Alleged Abuse

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The head of St. Paul's School in Concord has announced that he will resign next month - a year earlier than planned.

Rector Michael Hirschfeld was going to step down at the end of next school year, in June 2019.


But in a letter to the Board President - Hirschfeld says he's leaving earlier because quote "this has been an unusually painful time for the entire School community and also for my family."


St. Paul's School is currently facing two lawsuits - one from two former students from the 1960s and 70s who allege sexual abuse by faculty members... and the other from a recent student who says she was raped by another student.


Both complaints say St. Paul's was aware of the wrongdoing and did nothing to stop it.


In his letter - Hirschfeld says he had hoped to make further headway before leaving in addressing the quote "wrongs of the past" but is confident that "critical" work will continue.

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