St. Paul's School: Internal Investigation Into Alleged Game Found Broken Rules, But No Broken Laws

Jul 17, 2017

In a letter addressed to the school community, St. Paul’s Rector Mike Hirschfeld said the school recently commissioned its own independent investigation to find out if a newly surfaced game was part of a sexual competition among students.

This update comes several days after the New Hampshire Attorney General launched its own criminal investigation into the school over its handling of sexual assault and misconduct on campus.

Hirschfeld’s letter, like the school's initial acknowledgement of its investigation, is thin on the original allegations that prompted the investigation. He did say that several students came forward with concerns that some younger students were violating the school’s code of conduct when it comes to “recording relationships.”

While the school’s investigation found that five students did break school rules, the school claims no laws were broken. Hirschfeld’s letter said the students involved weren’t “competing or soliciting sexual relationships.”

A spokeswoman for St. Paul’s said discipline for the students involved “ranged from suspension to dismissal.”

In the same letter acknowledging this incident, Hirschfeld said the school will cooperate with the state’s investigation.