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St. Paul's School Agrees To Measures In Order To Prevent Potential Criminal Prosecution

Dec 22, 2020

Credit Ben McLeod / Flickr Creative Commons

St. Paul's School has agreed to take new steps to comply with a 2018 settlement with the New Hampshire Department of Justice that spared the Concord boarding school from potential criminal prosecution for child endangerment.

As part of the agreement, St. Paul's will hire an additional staffer and commission a new assessment of its student safety polices.

The state's announcement that St. Paul's will fulfill four requests made by the Attorney General comes two months after the Independent Compliance Overseer hired to ensure student safety at St. Paul's, resigned in protest, claiming St. Paul's was improperly meddling in his work.

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It also followed a meeting last week between the schools rector, board of Trustees chairman and top state lawyers.

In a letter to the Attorney General, St. Paul's agreed that the school would have a new compliance overseer on the job by the time students returned from winter break, hire a support staffer for the overseer, and indemnify both for actions taken in their official capacity.

The school will ago engage RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network review student safety polices.

In a letter to St. Paul's, Deputy Attorney general Jane Young wrote that the new policies would ensure the school met the "letter and spirit" of the 2018 settlement.

St. Paul's lawyer, meanwhile, told the state that it was agreeing to most of the new requests out of a spirit of cooperation "without any obligation to do so in the settlement agreement."

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