Special Coverage: 2020 Iowa Caucuses | New Hampshire Public Radio

Special Coverage: 2020 Iowa Caucuses

Jan 24, 2020

On Monday, Feb. 3, NHPR will carry live coverage of the 2020 Iowa caucuses, beginning at 7 p.m.

7 p.m. - "America - Are We Ready?" Iowa Edition.

Iowa comes first in picking presidential nominees, but not in reflecting the diversity of the whole country, especially when it comes to race. And what happens in those caucuses, anyway? So as everyone eagerly awaits the night’s results, host Brian Lehrer of WNYC, Alexandra Jaffe of the Associated Press, and callers from around the country dig into what it means for our democracy and the eventual outcome of how we pick our presidents that everything starts in Iowa.

Alexandra Jaffe is a national political reporter based in Washington. Prior to joining AP, she was a political correspondent covering national and state politics and policy for "Vice News Tonight." She was an embed for NBC News during the 2016 presidential election, covering the campaigns of Marco Rubio and Donald Trump. 

8 p.m. - NHPR will join Iowa Public Radio's live coverage as results come in.

Join IPR host Ben Kieffer and IPR's entire news team to hear live reporting from caucus sites across Iowa, and satellite caucus sites around the world. Get analysis of the campaign in Iowa, as well as from other early nominating states including New Hampshire and South Carolina. And hear live results and reaction from campaigns and candidates.