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Southern New Hampshire University Expands to Arizona

Apr 10, 2019


SNHU says its operations center and hub of activity will remain in Manchester.
Credit File Photo, NHPR

Southern New Hampshire University is expanding its operations to Tucson, Arizona, where it says a new center will meet the needs of students living in mountain and pacific time zones.

SNHU is the largest non-profit university in the country and most of its 130,000 students take classes online.

It says the Tucson center will eventually hire 350 staff to provide student support and academic advising catered to the 20,000 students living in the western U.S.

SNHU says those students' schedules didn't align with Manchester's time zone, so it's been looking for an operations center in the West for several years.

The Tucson center will not offer in-person classes. It is slated to open in early 2020.