A Soundtrack for Surrealism Game Night

Jan 26, 2016

What's a night of Surrealist games without a soundtrack? When we spoke with Roger Miller about hosting an evening of Surrealist games at 3S Artspace, he mentioned that he usually creates a soundtrack for the evening.

So what does a Surrealist soundtrack consist of?

The Soundtrack is very diverse, like Surrealism itself: Surrealism is not a styel, it's an attitude. Early Roxy Music, early Brian Eno, John Cage, some of my own work, Esquivel, Ethiopiques (60s music from Ethiopia), and many others. 

If you can't make it to 3S Art Space in Portsmouth on Thursday February 4th, you could host a night of Surrealist games at home and use Brian's soundtrack suggestions below, to set the mood. 

A resource for playing Surrealist games from the Art Institute of Chicago