Some Communities Still Holding Town Meeting Elections Tuesday, Despite Nor'easter

Mar 14, 2017

Voters cast ballots in Durham Tuesday morning.

  While many communities have opted to postpone Tuesday's Town Meeting elections due to the storm, others are moving forward with voting.

The town of Durham is still holding its town election today, despite what’s expected to be major nor’easter that could drop as much as two feet of snow.

Town Manager Todd Selig is encouraging voters to cast their ballots early, before the storm picks up in strength later in the day.

“March is both Town Meeting month and a month when we have snow and in New Hampshire, we can handle both,” Selig said. “We encourage people to be safe and to use their best judgment, but today’s the second Tuesday in March. It’s voting day.”

Selig said the decision was made in part over concern that the town’s election results would be invalid if they chose to postpone voting.

There was confusion Monday over whether towns could reschedule Town Meeting elections. The Secretary of State said voting couldn’t be moved.

Governor Chris Sununu said it was ultimately a local decision, but urged towns not to postpone elections, raising concerns about potential legal challenges to results.

Selig says he hopes the legislature takes action to provide clarity with regard to whether towns have that authority.

New Hampshire Democratic leaders say they plan to file emergency legislation this week that would ensure the voting results in towns that did postpone elections would still count.