Smuttynose Auction 'Bidder's Packet' Now Available

Jan 27, 2018 Smuttynose Final Bid Packet.pdf

Interested in purchasing a well-known New Hampshire brewery? You’ll need a quarter million dollars to just get a seat at the upcoming Smuttynose auction.

An information packet for potential bidders released Thursday describes the sale as an "opportunity to buy an ongoing enterprise." It stresses that the brewery continues to operate and plans to do so through the transition to a new owner.

It also confirms that everything is on the table, from the Smuttynose real estate in Hampton, valued at $7 million, to the brewing equipment, to the intellectual property -- which includes the recipes for the brand’s line of beers.

Smuttynose owner Peter Egelston says he’s already seen lots of interest from potential buyers, but the final decision will be up to Provident Bank, which is managing the sale.

The auction is scheduled for March 9.