Small Drone Aircraft Based Near Mount Washington, Report Says

Jun 14, 2012

Mount Washington may bill itself as having the “worst weather in the world,” but on a clear day, you can stand at the summit and see a whole lot - miles and miles into the distance.

The US military apparently agrees. According to a report from Wired Magazine, the Department of Defense has a base for drone aircraft on or near Mount Washington. It's one of 64 such bases across the country.

Noah Schactman is editor of Wired’s Danger Room blog, which covers technology and national security. He talks with All Things Considered host Brady Carlson about the report.

By the way, we put in a call to the Department of Defense this afternoon for comment about the article. Lieutenant Colonel James Gregory of the DoD's public affairs office said he hadn’t seen the article and didn’t know for sure whether the assets listed on the map were under the control of the Department of Defense or a different government agency.

Update 5:38pm: According to spokesperson Kenneth McGraw of US Special Operations Command, US SOCOM does not have an unmanned aerial vehicle base on Mount Washington, but McGraw  said he was continuing to check on which other military or government agency might have such an operation. He said he’d let us know when he found out more; when we hear back, we’ll let you know.