Sig Sauer Shooting Ranges Shut Down For Now After Bullet In Windshield

Jun 27, 2017

New Hampshire state police say shooting ranges at Sig Sauer Academy facing Route 101 have been shut down for now following their investigation of the origin of a bullet that went through a driver's windshield in Epping in April.

Kristen Burke, of Hampton, was driving on Route 101 between exits 7 and 8 when something struck and shattered her windshield on April 11. Workers replacing her windshield said they found .45-caliber bullet lodged in the dashboard. No one was hurt.

Investigators said Monday that the round more than likely came from Sig Sauer. Police said although their investigation verified that rounds being fired from the ranges were falling out onto Route 101, the round in the windshield couldn't have been fired from a pistol at the time Burke was traveling.

Police said the ranges have been shut down until a proper round retention system is installed.